About S4C

The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C), a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of California, was founded in July 1939 with the purpose of developing and promoting cooperative solutions of organization, administration, growth, and support of the photographic art and education at a council level. Believing that photography is one of the more valuable means of communication with others and that photography knows no language barrier, the member clubs of S4C work together.

S4C is a council of camera clubs under the auspices of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), which means that the participation of photographic club members is necessary to form the council. It is intended that club members participate not only in the competitions, but also in the acceptance of the various job duties that need to be performed. Club members can expect not only to reap all the benefits, but also to help make those benefits possible by doing their part, while obeying the rules of the council in order to promote a smooth-running, well-organized council with good communication.
The Council conducts monthly competitions from October through April followed by an End of Year competition the results of which are shown at a "virtual" banquet normally held in June. The competitions include: Pictorial ( individual color, arranged color, creative, monochrome, and arranged monochrome); Nature (general and wildlife); Photo Travel; and Photojournalism (general and human interest). Entering the competitions provides experience that also helps participants enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions of photography.

Also S4C itself sponsors annually a PSA-recognized international exhibition of photography.