Entry Submission Agreement

For each entry submitted, all entrants are required to affirm positively their compliance with the following statement. This is subject to update from time to time.

By virtue of submitting this entry, the entrant certifies that the work is his/her own and permits S4C to reproduce all or part of the entered images free of charge for publication and/ or display in media related to the Competition. This will include for example: presentation in the end of year Banquet Program should any of the images be selected for this Program; submission to the PSA Council Challenge should an image be selected for this purpose; and low resolution posting on an S4C website. The entrant further understands that S4C assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. The entrant further represents that to the best of his/her understanding the entry complies with all S4C requirements for entry (Return to Entry to see summaries of these Requirements).


The entrant further agrees that their email address can be included in the S4C mailing lists used for communicating about S4C activities and operations, and for use in mailings about PSA-recognized exhibitions sponsored by S4C or by any S4C member clubs; and that they will not unsubscribe from any of these lists. Unsubscribing from either of these lists will automatically result in the member being placed in inactive status so the entrant will nto be able to participate in S4C competitions.