Annual Changes

Each competition year may herald changes from the previous year.These are detailed here.


S4C essentially follows definitions used by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for its exhibitions, and updates its definitions as PSA's defintiions are modified. S4C, however, restricts or clarifies these definitions where necessary to avoid confusion.. Entrants to S4C competitions are advised to read the definitions and other entry requirements carefully to ensure that entered images are in conformance and are not DQed (disqualified).

Competition Changes for 2016-2017

  • New Pictorial Arranged Monochrome Section: A new monochrome section has been added that parallels the Pictorial Arranged Color section. Click here for the definition. Images eligible for this section may not be entered into the general Pictorial Monochrome section. There will be E, A,  and AA Skill Levels.

  • Pictorial Arranged Color: An E Skill Level has been added for new entrants.
  • Titles: The wording for permissible titles has been clarified.

  • Photo Travel: The use of the term "characteristic" in  Photo Travel has been slightly clarified to equate it to the formerly used term "Distinctive". 

  • Handbook: The S4C Handbook has been discontinued. All relevant information can be found on this website.