Annual Changes

Each competition year may herald changes from the previous year. These are outlined here.


S4C essentially follows definitions used by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for its exhibitions, and updates its definitions as PSA's definitiions are modified. S4C, however, restricts or clarifies these definitions where necessary to avoid confusion. Entrants to S4C competitions are advised to read the definitions and other entry requirements carefully to ensure that entered images are in conformance and are not DQed (disqualified).

Competition Changes for 2023-2024

Policy on Repeated DQs

The major policy change in 2023-2024 is that the Board has adopted a new policy aimed towards discouraging experienced entrants from repeatedly entering images that violate the competition definitions. The Board recognizes that S4C definitions may take time to learn, particularly in the "reality" divisions (Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism), but entrants at the higher skill levels in these divisions have had plenty of time to acquaint themselves with the nuances of these division and should be discouraged from continuously entering" DQ-able" images. Many volunteers willingly spend considerable time educating entrants and in regulating entries - consistent with S4C's intent for its competitions to be a learning experience; this new policy is adopted out of respect for their time.

Changes to Competition Definitions

Some of the competition definitions have been updated to comply with current PSA (Photographic Society of America) definitions. Entrants are advised to familiarize themselves with these changes before entering. For the most part they are clarifications of wording rather than radical differences.

Important Notifications

Note the new Important Notifications that have been issued regarding use of AI and regarding appropriate and inappropriate subject matter. These apply to all competitions.

Editing Guidelines

New Guidelines have been issued clarifying allowable and non-allowable editing in reality divisions (Nature, Photo Travel, PJ).