Annual Changes

Each competition year may herald changes from the previous year. These are detailed here.


S4C essentially follows definitions used by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for its exhibitions, and updates its definitions as PSA's definitiions are modified. S4C, however, restricts or clarifies these definitions where necessary to avoid confusion. Entrants to S4C competitions are advised to read the definitions and other entry requirements carefully to ensure that entered images are in conformance and are not DQed (disqualified).

Competition Changes for 2020-2021

There are no changes to competition definitions for 2020-2021. 


However, the S4C Board has decided that no club EOY awards will be awarded in an Interclub skill level unless there are at least 5 clubs who are competitive, this meaning that the club fully entered in at least 5 of the 7 competition months. Individual entrant images will still be eligible for the EOY image competition if they won an HM or Award during the regular monthly competitions - regardless of whether or not their club is eligible for club awards.


Entrants in Nature and Photo Travel are strongly encourage to read the excellent documents posted on the PSA website for these categories. Click here for the Nature guide for judges; and here (scroll down to Educational Material) for excellent material on Photo Travel, particularly the first article "Photo Travel" by Roy Killen that does a fine job of clarifying the Photo Travel definition.