PSA Councils Challenge

Each year  PSA hosts a "PSA Councils Challenge" competition open to PSA member organizations that include several camera clubs - whether the organization is called a Council, a Federation, or an Association. The results are announced at the PSA Annual Conference.


Each organization can enter 10 images from 10 different makers in each of the following sections: Color General, Monochrome General, and Nature General*.


Each section is judged separately. Individuals  in each section are selected for recognition in the form of Awards and HMs.  The scores for each section are tallied and the top scoring organization in each section is recognized - as well as the top scoring organization overall across all sections combined.


* Note that the format allowed for each section (slides, print, digital) and section subjects have changed over the years. Starting in 2015, only digital entries are accepted.

S4C and the PSA Councils Challenge

S4C has participated in the PSA Councils Challenge since its inception in 2007, its entries coordinated by Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA. In 2007 and 2008. S4C participated in all sections with slides, prints, and digital entries, achieving 1st place overall  in 2007 and 2nd Place in 2008. However,  S4C dropped slides and later prints from its monthly competitions and thus could not compete in all available sections  and thus could not expect to succeed in the overall standings -  although S4C has done varyingly well in the two digital sections, Color and Monochrome.

Starting in 2015, the PSA Councils Challenge accepted only digital entries and a Nature section was added - so once again S4C was able to enter all available sections: Color, Monochrome, and Nature (all General/Open).

S4C's Year by Year Performance (2015 on)


S4C Results:

  • 2nd Place Overall
  • 2nd Place Monochrome
  • 2nd Place Nature

Individual Results:

  1. 3rd Place Nature: Livia Trauber "Egret With Fish"
  2. HM Color: Susan Cowles "Ashley Red Dress and Tam"
  3. HM Mono: Nan Carder :Liberty"
  4. HM Mono: Suzanne Gonzalez "Tipsy Paw Out"
  5. HM Mono: Vicki Thomas "Night Scapes"
  6. HM Nature: Winn Krafton "What A Trio"
  7. HM Nature: Lillian Roberts "Caiman With Fish"

        1                   2                  3                 4                  5                  6                  7
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