Skill Levels


Skill Levels used by S4C are E, A, AA, and AAA. The four Skill Levels are not necessarily used by all competitions; for example, the Interclub competition only uses 2 of the 4 skill levels.


Except for the E Skill Level, Skill Levels in individual competitions are assigned based on past performance by the Entrant in that particular Section or in a similar Section. The E Skill Level (Evaluative) is used for the first year for new Entrants in a particular Section whose work in that Section is unknown, or for Entrants who have not entered sufficient images in prior years for their skill to be properly evaluated.


See Interclub Entries for information on assigning skill levels for the Interclub competition.


At the end of each competition year, the Board reviews each entrant's performance and decides whether that entrant should be advanced to a higher Skill Level in each Section, To be eligible for advancement, an entrant must have entered at least 6 images into that Section during the prior competition year. All eligible entrants at the E Skill Level are advanced to either A or AA. To move to a higher Skill Level from Skill Level A or AA, normally an entrant must have performed so that the average points per image scored by that entrant would meet or exceed the average points per image scored by all eligible entrants in the higher Skill Level in that Section in the prior competition year. No entrant will be triple jumped from the E Skill Level to the AAA Skill Level.


Board discretion may be used to make exceptions to this guideline.

Entrants who have been in Skill Level AA or AAA in a Section for at least one competition year may request prior to September 1 that they be moved to the next lower Skill Level  for the following year provided that their average score for the previous year falls below the midpoint of the average scores of entrants in the lower skill level. 


However, entrants who have been in Skill Level AA or AAA will automatically be moved to the lower skill level if: (a) there are at least 8 entrants in their current skill level; (b) they have entered at least 9 images in the previous year; (c) their average score for that year is one of the lowest two in their current skill level; and (d) their average score is lower than the midpoint of the average scores of the lower skill level.